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furniture care

The time period during which the furniture retains its beauty and serviceability much depends on the conditions in the room and on the care of the furniture.

Adhering to some simple, practical tips, you'll be able to support it in the best position to avoid unwanted changes in the appearance of furniture, its strength, accelerated aging refinishing and upholstery, warping and deformation of the wooden items of furniture. Avoid prolonged, direct exposure to sunlight on the furniture products in general and in particular its open areas. Prolonged direct effect of light on some areas may cause a drop in their color characteristics compared with other sites, that are less exposed to sunlight. Any drafts in a room, too high or too low room temperature, as well as its sudden changes can seriously damage the furniture. The distance from the heat source to furniture products should not be less than a 3 ft. The recommended temperature of the air in the room with your furniture is 50-75 ° Fahrenheit. Do not let hot, glowing objects (irons) as well as objects causing warming (the light of powerful lamps, incandescent lamps, etc.) affect your furniture. In the room where the furniture is stored or used we recommend that humidity conditions are approximately 65%, furniture surfaces should be kept dry. Should not be supported the conditions of extreme humidity or dryness in the room for a long time, and even more so their periodic shifts. Such conditions may affect the integrity of the furniture products or their components (drying out, shrinkage, disintegration, cracking) over time. If you have to create such conditions, it is recommended to ventilate the room often and to use humidifiers or air dryer whenever possible for the normalization of moisture. Wipe furniture surfaces with dry, soft cloth (flannel, plush). It is recommended to clean any part of the furniture as soon as possible after it has become dirty. If you leave the dirt for some time, it significantly increases the risk of stains and damage to the furniture. In case of persistent contamination it is recommended to use special cleaners, which are currently in a fairly wide range on the market and in addition to proper cleansing qualities have polishes, protective, preservative, flavoring and other useful properties.

Home remodeling

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In case of use of special tools it is necessary to accurately follow the manufacturer's instructions paying attention to the order and scope of their application (for any surfaces and materials used). If there is no special means for care (cleaning), using a small amount of aqueous solution of a neutral detergent (eg, 2% detergent, 98% water) is allowed. When the wet cleaning is completed, all the parts that left wet should be dry cleaned. Remember that you can not use cloth, sponge or gloves that are impregnated with products that should not come into contact with the surface of furniture for cleaning. Do not let corrosive liquids (acids, alkalis, oils, solvents, etc.) and products containing such liquids or vapors affect your furniture. Also keep in mind that some specific cleaning compositions may contain high concentrations of aggressive chemicals or abrasive compounds. Furniture care should be implemented using only high quality, specially designed for this purpose cleaning and polishing preparations, according to the instructions supplied.

Home remodeling

Home remodeling

Today it is often possible to observe how some objects and devices are rejected by consumers, while others that are absolutely similar in functionality and quality, by contrast, are in high demand, including the interior. There is no secret here: It's all in ergonomics.

Our century could be for sure called the century of ergonomics in the interior. Rational design solutions in home remodeling allow people to make their lives easier and more pleasant. And most importantly, everyone can choose exactly the product, which is easiest for use. Therefore, when selecting items and devices and household goods for home remodeling, it is important not just to receive the detailed information about them, but also "feel" them, try them. This is the only way to know whether these things are easy to use.

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Home improvement

Home improvement

Have you ever wondered why the visits to somebody's house almost always causes fatigue and a desire to return home? Even if the situation is very comfortable, in relaxed atmosphere, and with pleasant company. But to host guests at your house is much easier, despite the need for preparation and cleaning up after their visit. They say: "There is no place like home". And this is true. After all everyone individually equips and decorates his home or makes home improvement. And it is not only in planning and ergonomics and interior design, but also in the individual psychological microclimate, which is created by specially selected elements of decor and interiors.

When planning home improvement, you have to note that your home should not only your castle, but also to the world's only place where you will feel in total harmony with the surrounding reality. And for that you should take care that the entire home furnishings and interior design is fully harmonized with your inner world. And then even in the most difficult moments in life you will feel calm and confident.

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