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The choice of a place for bedroom is very important. It should be located as far from the noisy places like kitchen and living room as possible. Ideally it is when a bathroom is close to a bedroom.
Light pastel and warm colors are often chosen for the walls of the bedroom. The combination of pale shades with rich, saturated colors is very interesting.
Also it is necessary not to forget the lighting - it must be gentle, absent-minded. This light sets a calm mood, soothes, relaxes at bedtime. Soft light can be achieved by applying matte ceiling fixtures from chandeliers or lamps.
And do not forget about little things, such as switches - they must be conveniently located and have the function of multiple types of lamps. It is expedient to place pairs of overlapping switches in the bedroom: near the entrance and at the bedside.

It is very important how the ceiling of a bedroom will look. If you do not want to watch at a flat white surface when lying on the bed, you can come up with something unconventional. This may be stucco, and even art painting. For a modern interior may come multilevel ceiling with intricate curved lines. It is important that it fits harmoniously into the overall style bedrooms. Remember, only that the suspended ceiling is much eaten height of the room, so they should not be used in rooms with ceilings below 2.5 m. For every bedroom is very good to be suspended ceiling. It can be not only flat, but curved, and even wavy, and reduce the height of the room on average for 3-5 cm

Not always a problem the designer is to create a trendy and superdorogoy interior. Sometimes, people buying an apartment, faced with a complex configuration space, for example, with protruding bearing columns. And at such a moment as it is logical to use the services of a designer to create a harmonious and comfortable space, even on a small area. It is convenient to locate mirror in a recess at the door, in this case a bed in it is not reflected.

The ceiling can be made of plasterboard with a central chandelier. Do not forget about the local lighting, this may be a sconce above the bed, spotlight on the chest of drawers and mirror.

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  • It is advisable not to put a bed headboard to the door, otherwise you will feel psychological discomfort.
  • Try to avoid sudden, disturbing eye shades. In the bedroom, you should rest and relax.
  • Do not clutter the bedroom with unnecessary things - personal space requires sufficient space and order.
  • In a small bedroom with a large window opening should not use fabric with a large picture - it will reduce the room.
  • Do not make the bedroom set of furniture, even if it is not large.
  • It is not recommended to install in a bedroom a large number of techniques.
  • There should not be a lot of reflective surfaces in a bedroom.

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