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Kitchen remodeling. In kitchen design there should be a harmonious combination of beauty and comfort. Kitchen like no other room in the house should be primarily functional. So before you make a purchase of kitchen furniture, you should decide in what style it will be sustained.

The style and trend are crucial for the design of interior spaces. A start in this matter can be both on personal preferences and on the advice of specialists. You may strictly adhere to any one style or create a reasonable and balanced combination of different furniture styles.
Furniture styles evolved historically and were attributed to the realities and fashion of time. Distinctive features are also using different materials and methods of processing, as well as ways to decorate furniture.
Generally speaking, the style of furniture is a set of forms, proportions, pattern, detail and decoration items.
As with any other furniture in the house, in the kitchen there are four main styles - classic, modern, country and hi-tech. Let us consider the peculiarities of each of them.
Classic style is fashionable and popular style at all times. Such furniture is optimally suited for a spacious room with high ceilings and big windows. Furniture in this style is traditionally made of solid, natural wood color, with the use of natural materials. Fittings are made of metal, the use of plastic is not acceptable. Techniques are usually built-in, often hidden from view for a variety of doors. Often on such furniture can be seen various carved decorations.
Art Nouveau is chosen by people for whom the main criterion of furniture is its convenience. Kitchens made in this style tend to be light colors, bright colors would be inappropriate. Acute angles are absent, instead we see a rounded shape. Furniture does not contain details, striking, everything is subordinate to functionality. The model is a kind of transition from classical style to high-tech.
The next is country style. In this style, as well as in the classic, natural materials are used. But here you can see clay pots, wicker tables and chairs. Built-in appliances are often recondite.
The hi-tech style is on opposite side to country style. In hi-tech style the two basic materials - a metal and glass - are used. This style involves the installation of the latest kitchen appliances.

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Proper layout of the kitchen is bail convenience when cooking. In the kitchen people are often in motion unlike other rooms in the house. The hostess many times a day passes from the stove to the refrigerator and from the refrigerator to the sink. And it can become a very serious problem if access is difficult. It is therefore important to think hard before starting to place furniture in the kitchen.
Professional planners and designers know the so-called "triangle rule". The three components of this rule are the three main functions that the hostess does in a kitchen - a storage of food, its handling and cooking. Here then arises the question of how to arrange the kitchen stove, refrigerator and sink properly. If three of these items connected by imaginary lines, the perimeter of the triangle formed should ideally be located in an interval of 12 to 20 ft.

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